Panel Discussion | February 24 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. |  Online

Allan Little, BBC Foreign Correspondent; Kirsteen Shields, Lecturer, Global Academy of Agriculture & Food Security, University of Edinburgh; Fergus Neville, Lecturer in Organizational Studies, School of Management, University of St Andrews

 Institute of European Studies, University of St Andrews, St Andrews Society of San Francisco, Center for British StudiesAnglo-American Law & Policy Program

The health, social and economic impacts of Covid continue to be felt across the world. Scotland’s death rates were in line with the rest of the UK, making it one of the most badly affected countries in Europe. What can we learn from the impacts of the Covid in Scotland? What public policy lessons can we draw? And what political issues are now raised as we approach May’s Scottish Parliament elections? The management of Covid in Scotland has been a test of devolution within the UK. Advocates of the Union emphasize the resources which being part of the UK has given Scotland during the pandemic and its aftermath. Supporters of independence argue that more would be possible. Meantime the implications of Brexit are beginning to become clearer. Join us for a seminar in which a panel of commentators and public policy experts consider what next for Scotland.

Chaired by Professor Mark Bevir, Director, UC Berkeley Center for British Studies, and Professor Kevin Orr, University of St Andrews and Senior Fellow at the Institute for European Studies (IES).

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