A Grand Farewell – Celebrating Three Years of Whisky Wednesdays with Sinclair’s Choice

The Saint Andrew’s Society extends an invitation to an illustrious evening on January 24th, commemorating three years of our revered Whisky Wednesdays and bidding a fond farewell to our esteemed 1st Vice President as our Whisky Host. This special event, sponsored by Alex J Sinclair himself, promises an extraordinary experience with the best of Scottish Whisky.

Event Date & Time:

Date: January 24th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Virtual

Sinclair’s Choice – A Distinguished Tasting Experience:

Embark on a refined journey with four exquisite Scotch expressions carefully chosen for this momentous occasion. These rare selections, exclusive to Alex’s final Whisky Wednesdays, embody the essence of his tenure and dedication.

Benefiting the Saint Andrews Society Foundation:

In honor of Whisky Wednesday’s legacy, 100% of ticket proceeds will be generously donated to the Saint Andrews Society Foundation. Your attendance marks the end of an era and continues the tradition of supporting our community as Sophia Zimmermann becomes our new Whisky Host.

Join us as we raise our glasses to the changing of the guards in our Whisky Wednesdays experience. Your presence will make this farewell a truly memorable moment.

Limited Tickets Available:

Tastings for this exclusive celebration is limited. Secure your tickets in advance to be part of this distinguished affair. For Tickets go to: https://standrewsfoundation.ticketleap.com/whisky-wednesdays/

For Further Information:

Visit our official website at saintandrewssocietysf.org or contact our event coordinator, Alex J Sinclair, at 1stVP@saintandrewssocietysf.org.

Join us for an evening of refined tastes, exclusive expressions, and a heartfelt farewell to Alex J Sinclair. Let’s raise our glasses to Sinclair’s Choice and bid adieu to an era of exceptional Whisky Wednesdays!  #WhiskyWednesdays #SinclairsChoice #FarewellAlex #SaintAndrewsSocietySF