St. Andrew’s Society of San Francisco Support for Education


St. Andrew’s Society of San Francisco has a proud 150-year old tradition of supporting students in need of financial assistance to achieve their goals at academic institutions, both in Northern California and Scotland.

The Society has two distinct scholarship programs: St. Andrew’s Society Scholarships and San Francisco-Edinburgh Capital City Scholarships.

St. Andrew’s Society Scholarships:

csThe Society bylaws define recipients as those who are committed to studying at a Scottish or Northern California institution. They are eligible if they are 1) Of Scottish descent and 2) Resident in Northern California. Financial need, Scottish birth or ancestry, and scholastic standing or achievement shall be the prime considerations in evaluating the candidates. Scottish-resident students are also eligible if studying at a University in Northern California. This scholarship therefore funds students traveling in both directions to study.

Typically, but not exclusively, the St. Andrew’s Society Scholarships are awarded to students, undergraduate or postgraduate, who are already accepted and established at an academic institution and beyond their freshman (first) year. Payments are sent directly to the academic institution rather than to the individual student.

The annual scholarship cycle for 2021-2022 is now from January through April 2021.  Please click here to fill out the application.

San Francisco-Edinburgh Capital City Scholarships:

University of EdinburghThis scholarship program was instituted by the Society in the 2016-2017 academic year in partnership with the University of Edinburgh. The Capital City Scholarships program funds postgraduate students from the San Francisco area studying at Edinburgh at a defined level of $25,000 annually, funded 50:50 by the Society and the University.

Eligible applicants are responsible for the overseas rate of tuition and must be from Northern California (have an address with a zip code of 93400 or higher). The scholarship is not available to students already in a program of study. Applicants must be intending to commence a postgraduate program of study in 2017-2018 and beyond. The scholarship is competitive and awarded on the basis of academic merit, on recommendation of faculty by the University of Edinburgh.

Applications are processed directly by the university. Visit: The University of Edinburgh Scholarships and Student Funding