Navigating Businesses through change in a pandemic – Wednesday March 24 @ Noon PST – FREE EVENT (Sign up Required)


Learn how Scottish industries are recreating themselves with the help of University technologies and knowledge.

Many Scottish businesses have needed to recreate their business strategy and start again in order to survive (especially through the pandemic).

We are delighted to speak with Dr Siobhán Jordan, the founding Director of Interface, an organization set up to operate a central access point for industries to collaborate with world leading knowledge, expertise, specialist facilities and technologies within Scotland’s universities, research institutes and colleges. Informed by the needs of industry she has forged impactful and profitable collaborations across all industry sectors.

Learn about the development and management of unique and impactful programs designed to enhance innovation in industries. Through effective collaboration between Universities and industry, the commercialization of academic research, leadership and strategic development is pioneering new developments and lending a much needed support to businesses at large in Scotland.

Siobhán has a wealth of experience in the worlds of business and academia and is a member of the Scotland Can Do Business Innovation Forum, Chemical Sciences Scotland Leadership Group and the Board of Colleges Development Network.