Burns in the Modern Global World – Thursday 1st April – @ Noon PST (FREE Event – Sign Up Required)


How Robert Burns is remembered globally

The Saint Andrew’s Society is delighted to present Dr Paul Malgrati and his latest research on Robert Burns.

Dr Malgrati is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Robert Burns Studies (University of Glasgow, Scotland), working on past and present aspects of the Burns Supper phenomenon. In 2020, his Ph.D. thesis, focused on Burns’s political legacy, and it won the prestigious Ross Roy Medal for that year’s best thesis in Scottish literature.

In his humorous and jovial presentation, Dr Malgrati will be discussing how Robert Burns has been remembered from the time of his death to the present day, in addition to a brief exploration of the international history (and legacy) of Burns statues and artefacts all over the world. Many of them reside in the United States! We will also be reviewing Dr Malgrati’s Interactive World Map of Burns Supper … Do you remember where you were for Burns Supper this year?! Bringing more than 140 countries together, this map is the most detailed depiction of contemporary Burns Suppers anywhere in the world.

Outside of scholarship, Paul writes and publishes poetry in the Scots language, a collection of which was selected in 2021 for Scotland’s Edwin Morgan Poetry Award.