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Learn more about Inverness, the capital of the Highlands and Culloden, where the Battle of Culloden was fought, and was the place that ended the Jacobite Rebellion that sought to displace the Hanoverian monarchy and reinstate a Jacobite King, who would have become James the VIII of Scotland and James III of England, also known as the Old Pretender.

The Battle of Culloden and what followed in terms of proscription (banning the Highland way of life) and the Highland Clearances, effectively ended the Highland and Gaelic culture here in Scotland. In many ways, it was the diaspora, those who left or were sent abroad, who kept the Highland traditions and culture alive.

The site of Inverness castle has been fortified for a thousand years, since the time of King David I, son of Malcolm III (Malcolm Canmore). King Malcolm famously destroyed the nearby castle of Macbeth. Before that, overlooking what is now Inverness, King Bruce’s iron age fort at nearby Craig Phadraig presided over the local Pictish kingdom.

If you are interested in learning more about the area and the history of where Outlander was set, then this Speaker Series if for you!

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