Join us online this year as we join together to “bring in the bells” celebrating Hogmanay in Scotland’s time zone!

Hogmanay isn’t just any old shindig. It is one of the most legendary changing of year celebrations in the world.  Like most Scottish holidays, Hogmanay goes hand in hand with countless customs and important marked traditions.

First-footing is perhaps the most widely practiced social ritual and deeply embedded tradition of Hogmanay. The moment the clock strikes midnight, lads and lassies across Scotland start beelining for the homes of loved ones, friends and families, bearing gifts and endless banter, providing good vibes for times ahead and to be the first across the threshold, as the first-footer sets the precedent for the brand new year.

This year we will have awesome entertainment including Sara LeMesh, Elizabeth Ingber, Hamish Napier, Molly McLaughlin, fiddlers, pipers and more. 

Tickets are $30 per person.  Sign up today to join the event on the 31st December!   


We hope you can join us!