October 2015 Newsletter

On August 28th our normally quiet summer was enlivened by the arrival of some 60 people at the Firehouse, a mix of outbound freshmen headed to The University of Edinburgh for the fall semester, their parents and some recent alumni. We proudly hosted this orientation event, coordinated by …..
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September 2015 Newsletter

At the foot of Leith Walk, the bustling thoroughfare that connects Edinburgh with its old port of Leith, you walk through the tacky Anywheresville of the Kirkgate shopping centre, between the garish frontages of ubiquitous chain stores, to emerge suddenly where lush…
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June 2015 Newsletter

A very special thanks to Ian Baird for heroically taking over the presentation at our last meeting. At our May meeting I put forward an idea for discussion at our last meeting to establish a “St. Andrew’s Society Service Medal” to recognize those who contribute to our Society or City.

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May 2015 Newsletter

The average American might have at least a foggy understanding of “lords” in British circles, but would almost certainly draw a blank if asked to define a “king of arms.” That is the name given to the senior officer with royal authority to grant or recognize armorial bearings in Scotland. Other monarchical countries, including those …read more>